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Caste system Ian designed for backward people and people who are full of hate. The root cause of this better relationship was their roles in feudal society. The brahmin/ higher caste are much more corrupted compared to the Sudras / Ati Sudras. Furthermore he said Manyo na sikh unko jo jaat paat ki reet chalavey jehrha; manyo sikh unko jo jaat paat ko mateve jehrha. really luv uh SOMEONE OUGHT TO TEACH YOU ALL BIRTH CONTROL AND THEN ONLY YOUR CASTE WILL BECOME LITERATE AND KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG. There are a lot of Majra or a Majara villages in Punjab named after agricultural workers .It was only after Baba Banda Singh Bahadur who destroyed Sirhind that land titles were given to the tillers . This variety makes for subtle, often confusing, differences in names and naming styles. The Gurus suffered greatly, some were even executed by muslims on the advice of brahmins advisors, because they were speaking up for the truth. Dont hear SHRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI just listen can one believe a kunbi caste girl married to a jat calling herself rajput ? Gholap. three. Instead of working for abolition of castes you people are continuing to firming up caste system. I realy feel that we must I will say once again we must feel proud of having taken birth in CHAMAR Caste.Reason is clear for me that is we have got SAD GURU from our caste . Tum logo ko to kissi ko ganda kehne ka haq hi nahi hai, rajan ji aap chamar ko asudh kah rahe ho apani jat to batao taki hame bhi pata chale ki sudh jat koun hota hai jab tum paida hote ho to sabse pahale wo aurat tumhe chhuti hai jise tumne asudh kaha to rajan ji ap jis din paida huye the ushi din ashudh ho gaye the phir bhi apne ap ko sudh kah ho so your caste can not be better than chamar because Jo apane upko badi jati ka batata hai wo sabse nich hota hai. Whats the origin of sidhu chamar gotra?i only know the history of jat sidhu gotra. Hello The One Lord gives shade to all beings. Surnames represent youre heritage and blood but you people acting like youre from those families when youre not. In 40 years i have never heard my huge family(the jatt one) talk about this bullshit. Samsung UN55B8000This Samsung HDTV is definitely eye-catching piece with the ultra-slim layout, a please enter this gottar also. Most of the Dhusia in Punjab and Haryana migrated from Pakistan after partition of India. Surnames are very similar amongst jatt and chamar. [21] In the second half of the 20th century, the Ambedkarite Republican Party of India (RPI) in Uttar Pradesh remained dominated by Chamars/Jatavs, despite attempts by leaders such as B.P. Vinod Kumar dont take my words offensive. Proud to be chamar. OBC - Other Backward Classes. This list is provided for free by the courtesy of Matchfinder Matrimony Castes and Subcastes List in Bihar: State Id State Name Castecode Caste Subcaste 11 BIHAR 11001 ADIWASI HANDSA 11 BIHAR 11002 ADIWASI HEMRAM . THANX, plz add Mehra,Ranga,Virdi,Virk,Dhaiya,Walia,Jakhu,Momi,Kaler,Jally,Malik,Poonia,Rattu,Lakha,Rathi,Kailey,Soni,Dadral,Mahey,Suman,Duggal,Mehmi,Katyal,Madhar, momi is not , momi people are very wealthy land owners in punjab belonging to kamboj clan. Chamar, Chamari, Bairwa, Bhamhhi, Jatav, Mochi, Regar, Nona, Rohidas, Satnami, Suryavanshi, Suryaram Nami, Ahirwar, Chamar, Mangan, Raidas 36. God does not ask about social class or birth; you must find your true home. They conniving with politicians keep the pressure on at every stage from birth till death. 1. You are majority in India, use democarcy and the democratic process to take controll and destroy the 5000 year system which still permeates India. Please stand up so we can make changes and no discrimination based on caste system in th UK. All men and women are equal in God's eyes. [16], A section of Chamars claimed Kshatriya status as Jatavs, tracing their lineage to Krishna, and thus, associating them with the Yadavs. We should all live together in love and humility. We will be rulers of India again, quite rightly so. !par oo metto matlab poshda siii jera ki metto answer ni de hoea !!!! Ambedkarism represents democracy, secularism, human rights, freedom, liberty, equality, brotherhood of man, antithesis of Brahminism. And this is true at all levels where scheduled caste officers are appointed. Why waste breath on freaks who have lost their former status because chamars are rising faster above them. so admin i just wanted to knw that how could it b possible??? Wagh. Generally Sikh Tarkhans. 14. Its a shame this has happened, when full respect and highest honour is given to Bhagat Ravidassia Ji from all Sikhs. Simar/Sheemar/singhmar. Caste system needs to be destroyed and replaced with humanitarianism. I dont believe in caste or status. I hate this caste system. SC are not Ati Shudra.. there is no such caste in India. Let it be clear to all those who comment a lot of non sense on this website that caste and gotras have no meaning.No one is related to any one after 6/7 generations.So fools are the people who feel proud of their gotras and castes.Sikh Gurus preached abolition of castes and condemned in strongest terms.Non of the Gurus ever made any mention of his caste or gotra. This is not just for their family but for those whom they do not even know. chamar ashudh ur gandi caste hai chamar shuar(big) khata hai ur vo shuar guu khata hai ur nale ka pani pita hai is liye chamar guu khata ur guu karke hath nahi dhota hai bahut hi gandi caste hai chamar, jai gurudev . Raghbir Singh. Get your facts correct mate, My dear friend , I you want any type of help regarding Graphic Designing, Video Editing, Video Compositing, 3D Animation, Short Movies etc. Chopras r khatri I think I myself dont exactly agree with this article as it is promoting the caste system, but there is no need to be so rude. In the scheme of the caste system the shudras were the servants or slaves of the system.. All the leading great countries of the world that have progressed have had revolutions in their country by the the lower masses, eg Great Britain, France, Russia, China, America etc. Nobody likes oppression and it should not be tolerated. Garv se kaho ham chambhar hai.. DGP OF PUNJAB POLICE K K a Chamar, Achha hai reservation hai varna crore logon ko bramhin achhut kah kar bhukh pyas se maar dete. pls add i m chamar i used to yadav surname because of there thousand of people they belongs to chamar .but yadavs are not in chamar . u may not have created this. Guru Nanak and his successors mission is dying because Sikhism is in the hands of castes that are not interested in his mission but have turned it into politics and business for jatts benefit. No one can claim a surname, yes if you have same or similar surnames does not mean your stealing off one another. Destroy and attack caste system in Jaatpaatstan(India) now!!!!!!!!!! Castism in Indian society is a hard fact and we have to live within it. Some of the examples from Guru Granth sahib are as below : Pride in social status is empty; pride in personal glory is useless. Ravi Kumar Prajapati. Wake up people and quit the nonsense and debates on whose caste is better or what each caste does. Why do the Brahmins, takhurs and baniya control 85% of all power and representations when they are only 15% of Indias population. When will the Indian slaves revolt. The caste system is so out dated. Only them we will build India according to the blueprint of the Indian constitution, a secular society built in the foundations of liberty,equality and fratenity. I am one among them, many times i keep mum on the issue of castes. Like bhardwaj, sandhu sidhu, bans etc mixed me lekin badpagga 1 sirname h jo ki sirf ravidasiyo ka hai jai gurdev. Farmers, labourers, carpenters, gold smiths, potters, leather tanners, craftsmen and artisans were all grouped into one Varna called Sudra. NOT ALL JATTS ARE FARMERS, WE ARE A NEW EDUCATED GENERATION!!!! No such thing again. man is seed woman is earth WHEN made pours ( with air) watered n sun (agni ) from sky after some time WITH 5 TATWAS germination /soul (atman) enters in this unverse in form of plant /bird /annimal who behave in any way of love /hate / abuse /kill UNDER GUNAS-RAJ ,SAT N TAM n according to karmas of past /present again take birth to continue suffering UNLESS LOVE N BHATI. We r taking abut chamars here cunt ,u can move ur ass out of here sucker, Here Are some some list of chamar surnames, 1.Sampla Jalandhar So inform me if you put all due and thn why you not put our surname here .. .. not long back, recent past great jat leader sir chhoturam humbly requested the govt then that floor grinding stone n oxen of jat may not be kept as rahan by the bania lending them money while janta party prime minister desai resigned requesting the president if babu jabjivanram could manage the crisis however ch. my email id is Therefore, it is a humble request to give maximum donation and cooperate in this social pious work by giving your contribution. they were very educated and had read the religous scriptures of the Brahmins and they were unhappy about what they had read. plz, make me clear, ram kumar bhai je ma pani nepal kai hu temi malai friend request pathau na mero facebook SHOCKING to say the least!! Chamar, Jatia Chamar, Rehgar, Raigar, Ramdasi, Ravidasi, . We are all human beings first. Baba ji deep singh ji was a sandhu. This website is propagating Ravidassias that follow Dera Ballan and the New Amrit Bani. your caste is a symbol of slavery for your Hindu masters, its nothing to be proud of. The use their fee waivers to buy Bullets to impress Girls. Even as your brahmin brothers got thrown out they still, however, kept their surnames and hence explains why chamars share surnames. Rawal was originally used as a first name in parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. i also belong to chamar . I have friends that are chamar and i respect them and they are proud of there last names the true ones like kainth etc. What has happened in the past or what is still happening is due to ignorance and lack of humanity and a failure of succesive Indian governments lacking the political will to eradicate caste . In India the Brahmins are only 4% of Indian population; the Thakurs/KShatriyas 6% and the Baniyah/Vaishas 5%. i am proud of our caste . If you get time ,please read book Jatta da will get good information to clear your confusion. Chamar is second largest community of india.time to time higher caste converted in chamar for many purpose and reasons so lower caste and higher caste communitys surname are same.we are same. are you fucking kidding me, ALSO NOT CHAMAR, 22 JI SADDDDIIIIII SHANNNNN Hai vakhriiiiii sc/st zindabad baba sahab ne aj hume yaha paucha diya varna humari itini kaha pechan thi. we are all sikh first then we break into castehowever i will say i am a ramgaria or tukkan.and we all get labeled as caste racist >>>>but i tell u one thing >>>>CHAMARS are just as racist when it comes to jaat paat. What the hell first search all about Sahota surname and then write about that.I have very good friend of mine who are settled in CANADA. And others which I may have missed. It is promoting the caste system with all its ugliness. And todays farmers were only Siris or agricultural labourers who used to work on the land of landlords or jagirdaars who used to be Mughals , rajputs or other ruling clans . Gali Gali Se Ayi Awaaz, Jai Ravidass, Jai Ravidass! . So let no one get deceived and do a thorough investigation before you get deceived by them! The gurus tried to create pure human beings with clean unblemished hearts without caste or dress or other distinctions such as surnames, which is why sikhs supposed to have the five Ks. Ambedkar; however, he remained an aberration in a party dominated by the upper castes. 2.Mamman The problem with these chamaars is that they are fucking ignorant, backward, dirty and hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its who we are, I dont think we should get special privileges cause we are Jatt but it is who we are, so why cant we be proud of that? Guru gobind singh g ne caste system nu khtm krn lyi sikh dharam bnaya and apa nu ohna de updeshan te chlna chahida. What is there in your surname , surname is not a bloodline it is a tribal name. We are the original residents of this country and not migrated from any continent like others. You may learn something new and be even surprised to learn that he is related to you as he also carries the same Y chromozone as you. But we are Momi Gorta which is not showing in the list. If he is decended from a particular alien heritage and thus surnames should not match, then why do the surnames match? Youre Fucking Pathetic,I am a Sikh Jatt but I think that you shouldnt really blame chamars for being who they are,you shouldnt talk bad about people and I feel sorry for your children mate,having a horrible parent like you!!!!! You will only talk about caste and discrimination. Ravidass says, the achuuts( ie the untouchables/dalits) were the rulers of India. People can tell what caste you are by looking at .. ie mannerism, way of speaking, appearance etc. It is a hybread race with combination of many type of dirty blood. My name is KS Hunjan this into also name of Chamar please. But when I do my Nitnem All the pains go away. A lot of chamars from Haryana are Grow. SC - Scheduled Castes. IS not showing in This list why. 0 gadget.Samsung UN46B7000If youre concerned with your electrical power consumption, you may put your own worries in order to rest because of this Samsung TV SET, which is very energy-efficient. Sarovar ( community baths ) : Again sarovar that we see in each of the historical gurudwaras also served two purposes one was the obvious usage for bathing ( there were no water pipelines as today). I do mostly hip hop, pop, rap, rnb. Badpagga sirname is one of chamars sirname. This was an attempt to change the mindset.Hence starting from guru Nanak ji by the time of Guru Angad Dev ji it became essential for a person to sit in langar (as a token that he believes in equality of all) before having an audience with Guru himself. Please read my other post regarding Jat names that chamar claim and how they claimed them.Johal is definately a Jat name.When chamars moved to the cities,abroad or different villages in India they try to use Jat names and they use the Jat name of the village they were from.But the thing with Jat names is that they are very traceable by Jats so they get found out but no one can stop them using them or claiming them on the internet. They believe that leatherwork is "degrading" when compared to weaving. Meet surname is not in the list. It is available on weekly ajit published from Missisugga canada. Please all those of you contributing to the website search you hearts and minds and work for better humanity and not promote a thousands years old system and come out into the new 21st century. Library as well as DLNA on-line, as nicely as several HDMI advices and 2 USB spots. I am Gourav Jaijania,i am also a chamar and i am proud of that.My surname is jaijania also add it to your list. also gumarwal is a chamar namei belong to this family. .and now you want equal meritwhen we all be in the main stream with you..then no body will be for reservation ..but why you people dont raise voice against caste systemafter people should realise that due to caste system our india is not progressing. You should be proud to be a member of this community. If this website was maintained by a Brahmin, the names would have been in alphabetical order. 75 % kota genral walea da aaa .jisne kuch krna usne 75% mein sb kuj kr lena .aur jisne kuch ni krna usse 25% mein kuch ni krna..aur baat krte ho rsvartions ki 25% kota sc st hena.jino 25% mein kuch ni kr skte wo 75% mein b kuch ni kr skte.jihna ne kuch krna hunda na oh cast ni dekhde na resrvationssrf apne goal val thyan dinde t aaa t ohnu ccv peoria service times, northwell health undergraduate medical summer internship, helen wilson phillips,